New release〜The Thai government dispatched the “Global Human Resources Education and Training Delegation” to Tokyo, and all obtained a Global HR Qualification (SHRM credential qualification). Click - 人事資格認定機構-HRAI-


New release〜The Thai government dispatched the "Global Human Resources Education and Training Delegation" to Tokyo, and all obtained a Global HR Qualification (SHRM credential qualification). Click


The Human Resource Accreditation Institute (HRAI) accepted the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration’s request for the Global Human Resources Education and Training Program and provided a one-week program in Tokyo. The training delegation comprised 14 HR specialist officers selected from the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA). Starting on May 27, they completed a one-week Global HR Education and Training Program in Tokyo. On June 2, all 14 employees passed the Glogal HR Qualification Examination and obtained the Glogal HR Qualification (SHRM Credential Qualification). The 14 HR specialist professionals were selected from the six main HR departments responsible for the BMA’s 50,000 employees.


Global HR Education and Training (one-week) contents:


• SHRM Essentials English Lecture (Comprehensive Global Standard HR Fundamentals Program)

Practical Workshops (Discussing current HR issues and challenges at the BMA, exploring improvement options, and planning implementation actions. Team Building through sharing Global HR Professional Knowledge and Skills)

Company Tour (CARTA MARKETING FIRM Co., Ltd.)

Global HR Networking Event (with members of HRAI Online Salon, SHRM Credential Holders forum organized by HRAI for HR professionals who are active in Japan)

Observation and Meeting at the Minato Ward Office Residents’ Service Division

Visit Female Entrepreneur (Ms. Yaeko Sagawa, Founder & CEO, SAKURA Golf Co., Ltd.)

Global HR Qualification Examination (SHRM Credential Qualification issued by the world’s largest HR professional association with 325,000 members worldwide)


Fumie Hanazono, Founder & Chair of HRAI, was the instructor and organizer of the training program.



Outcomes of the Training


1. Acquisition of Global HR Qualifications: All training participants have passed the Global HR Qualification examination and obtained SHRM Credentials. This proves that all training delegation team members’ HR expertise, knowledge, and skills are internationally recognized.

2. Global HR Knowledge and Global Perspectives: Participants learned about the latest knowledge and trends in Global HR (Strategy, Management, and Operations), solidified their understanding of Global HR standards, and deepened their knowledge of cross-cultural communication and international management.

3. Enhanced Teamwork: The 14 participants were selected from six key HR departments responsible for the human resources of the 50,000 BMA employees. This training built cross-departmental teamwork among the participants, laying the foundation for further reinforcement of cross-functional collaboration.

4. Understanding of Best Practices in Japanese Organizations: The participants observed the actual sites of Japanese companies and Minato Ward Offices and experienced the latest efforts to improve the efficiency of organizational management and the workplace environment in Japan. In addition, exchanging opinions with the on-site HR professional and public service officer in Japan deepened their understanding of Japan’s best practices.

5. Networking and Mutual Understanding: The Global HR Networking Event was a lively exchange between the delegation team and Japanese HR professionals, managers, media, influencers, etc. In addition, presentations were made on the BMA’s efforts and Japan’s HR initiatives, which further deepened mutual understanding and is expected to develop international HR cooperation.

6. Implementation of Practical HR Knowledge, Skills, and Actions: The training program includes helpful case studies, workshops, theory, and acquired knowledge and skills directly relevant to practical use. In addition, it is expected that the learners will plan to implement the knowledge and skills they have acquired in the training and utilize the results in the field immediately after returning to their workplaces.

7. Increased DE&I and Global Competitiveness of the Organization: Organizations with trained HR professionals will be more capable of implementing a global talent strategy focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I), strengthening the organization’s international competitiveness.

With these achievements, the HR Officers of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) can perform their duties at a higher level and contribute to the organization’s development.



HRAI Strengthening the acceptance of the Global HR Education and Training Group


This training was conducted under the nomination of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, and the Human Resources Accreditation Organization (HRAI) has received high praise from both inside and outside Japan as a Global HR education institution in Japan. In addition to the “Global HR Education and Training Mission” from the Thai government, HRAI also plans to accept delegations from the Philippines, Vietnam, South Korea, and other countries.



SHRM Essentials Organizational Training


We also provide global HR training for Japanese companies. Inquiries ( Examples of achievements:
SHRM Essentials Japanese Program (Kao Corporation)
SHRM Essentials Bilingual Program (NEC)


Initiatives for “HR Connecting Japan to the World”


This year marks the fourth year since the Human Resources Qualification Association (HRAI) began providing world-class global HR education and international HR qualifications in Japan in January 2021. Last year, HRAI recorded the most significant number of SHRM Essentials learners outside the U.S. in a year. HRAI was awarded the “SHRM International Top Partner Award” by SHRM (the world’s largest HR professional association). The importance of global standard Human Resources education and qualification is spreading rapidly in Japan.


The 2nd World Human Resources Conference will be held from November 6 to 8, 2024


Hosted by the Human Resources Accreditation Organization (HRAI) with SHRM as a Knowledge Partner, Japan’s first “Global HR Conference in Japan” was held in 2023 for the first time in Japan.

The “2nd Global HR Conference in Japan” will be held in Tokyo from November 6 to 8 this year, and “Early Bird Special Discount Coupons” are currently on sale until the end of July.

Cooperation with countries outside of Japan is expected to strengthen, and the number of participants from Japan and abroad is expected to increase.

The activities of “Connecting Japan and the World through Human Resources,” which is the mission of the World Human Resources Conferencing of the Human Resources Accreditation Organization (HRAI), are showing further progress.

2nd World Human Resources Conference Website:

“Early Bird Special Discount Coupon” Details & Application:



What is the SHRM Essentials Program?


The SHRM Essentials Program provides a comprehensive understanding of the role of human resources (HR) from strategic, operational, and administrative perspectives. It emphasizes the importance of the “Human Resources Philosophy,” which guides the differentiation of companies and organizations. This philosophy involves identifying the types of talents to welcome, how to nurture their growth, and ways to ensure their contributions to the organization.

Target Audience:

• Current HR professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills.

• Businesspeople, including people managers

• Individuals aiming for a career in the HR field.

By participating in the SHRM Essentials Program, attendees gain practical knowledge and skills essential for effective HR management. This program is designed to support a wide range of businesspeople in understanding and implementing strategic and global HR practices.

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